Industry Expert, Jane Mukami, reveals the newest weight loss secret strategy.
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Jane Mukami
Jane is deeply passionate about helping women lose weight so they can look good and feel great so that they can increase self-confidence, self-love and live a happy and exciting life

She has stepped boldly into her purpose of coaching women through not only weight loss, but body transformation, for life transformation

She is a multi-award winning health coach, author, speaker and the creator of The P.U.S.H. Weight Loss Method.
Meet Eunice
Eunice, a new mom, lost over 20 total Inches,
13 kilos (27 pounds)
“I thought weight loss while breastfeeding was a myth! My baby was only 2 months when I started working with you and 3 months later, I  am back in pre-pregnancy clothes. I still can't believe that i've achieved this without working out. You program is worth every penny and more”
“I used to feel Fat, not sleeping well, bloated, tired. Now I feel Amazing. Confident. Like I could conquer the world!! Jane is very knowledgable and has taught me that weight loss, first of all, is a science. That it all begins in the mind and if you conquer your mindset there is nothing you can't do!! He guidance has been priceless" - Mary
“I used to have low energy, pain in the knees, couldn’t sleep well at night. After losing 41 pounds [19 kilos] now fitting clothes from 6 years ago, size 8 from a size 18 I am, I feel happy and confident. Jane has helped me understand nutrition and how the body works. BTP has been the best investment ever and has made 2019 an amazing year” - Jeanette
“I had labs done yesterday and prolactin levels are now 30.9 when weighing 146.5 pounds. Before BTP 2 months ago I was 167 pounds and prolactin levels were 88. The doctor is extremely happy with my progress and told me to keep doing what i’ve been doing. Thank you so much! Your program has restored health and I  remain forever grateful” - Ann
Meet Terry
I have lost 24 kilos [53 pounds]...
 “I am filled with energy and positivity towards life and still cannot believe the changes I have made all while eating typical Kenyan food. BTW, a visit to my doctor a few weeks ago confirmed a clean bill of health, no more mild blood pressure. Your program has been the best decision of 2019 ”

Love who you see in the mirror…

Who is this free training for perfect for?
  • Anyone who is tired of jumping from useless diet to useless diet, and wants things to change.
  • Women who have lost weight in the past, but gained it all back. It's time to lose it for good.
  • Women who are not satisfied by the body they see in the mirror.
  • Women who are nursing and want to lose the "baby weight" safely.
  • Menopausal women who are dealing with fluctuating hormones and weight gain.
  • Those suffering lifestyle conditions, who are ready to take control of their weight.
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